Paul Backalenick - Mystery & Suspense Writer

Carrie's Secret - The double mystery of two sisters trapped worlds apart

Carrie's Secret - A psychological mystery

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"A surprising ...compelling ...mystery"
- Kirkus Reviews

A teenage psychiatric patient carries a dark secret while her broken family tries to survive and an innocent man faces jail.

Follow the gripping tale of Carrie, a teenage psychiatric patient with a terrible secret. Will her fear of revealing it doom her family to suffer more than they already have? And will her silence send the wrong man to prison for life? But if she tells what she knows, are the consequences even more dire?

"Carrie's Secret" takes you into a mental hospital in the 1980s as a suburban couple struggles to understand and help their threatened daughter. And she is not the only one in danger there. When she falls or is pushed out a window, there are many suspects among the patients and staff, but the police settle on Jared, an aide at the hospital, as their prime suspect.

And then there is Carrie's older sister Wendy, a beautiful girl who disappeared without a trace a year before. What happened to her is the start of everything. It seems almost everyone is trapped one way or another and you will keep turning the pages right up to the unexpected twist at the end.

Reader's Comments

"I'm usually pretty good at figuring out whodunnit, but I was not able to figure this one out until it was revealed at the end, which made it an addictive read!"

"Great pacing.  The action moves back and forth at a solid logical clip.  There aren't any dwell points where the story becomes stagnant."

"Very engrossing, captivating, and a great mystery.  The most fascinating aspect is Backalenick's' ability to express the mental and emotional processes of clinically mentally ill people.  So it is a great murder mystery, many clues, many people, great plot, great setting.”

"Love the plot. Riveting.  Vivid relatable characters."

"A very quick read."

"A really good book. I really like the ending.”