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New Mystery - Carrie's Secret

"The tension is consistently high and the conclusion is surprising ...the book is compelling ...engaging." 
- Kirkus Reviews

A teenage psychiatric patient carries a terrible burden, a secret that she will not reveal as her broken family tries to survive and an innocent man faces jail. More Carrie.

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Don't miss Paul's first book, Development.

Readers raved: "Mesmerizing.", "Terrific book. It will surprise anyone that reads it.”
Development has received nothing but five * ratings on Amazon. More Development.

Order Development here.

What is Empty Luck about?

A work in progress - Four men on vacation in Las Vegas. What could possibly go wrong? More Empty Luck.

Get updates as I write Empty Luck.

About Paul Backalenick

Paul Backalenick, mystery author

Paul delves into psychological mysteries, "whodunits," and suspense tales, drawing on his work and education in mental health and substance abuse facilities. A psychology major at Brown University and former literary magazine editor, he is the author of two suspense-filled books with more coming soon. See Paul's Bio.

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